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What We Do

Carpet Sales, Carpet Fitting, Carpet Repairs, Carpet Re-stretching, vinyl and more


We supply a plethora of carpets from a vast range of manufacturers, guaranteed to suit all budgets. 
If you haven’t yet purchased your carpet, but have a specific one in mind, we will likely be able to source it at a reduced rate, so do speak to us before buying. 
If you have already purchased your carpet, we also provide a ‘fit only’ service. Get in touch with your measurements, and we will get back to you with a competitive quote.

All of our services include general tidying, removal of offcuts, vacuuming and carefully moving your furniture back into place. If requested, we can also remove old flooring.
We are always happy to offer advice on the best carpet type for your requirements, ensuring you get maximum wear and durability. These include: 

•Stain free carpets
•80/20 Wool Carpets
•Cord Carpets
•Berber Carpets
•Felt back Carpets
•Pattern Carpets


Vinyl has become a popular flooring choice as it is hard-wearing, durable, warm and extremely easy to clean.
It is best suited to areas of the house such as kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories, but can equally be used in other areas such as entrance hallways and utility rooms. 

With a huge range of colours and designs to choose from, you really will be spoilt for choice. 
It is worth noting that vinyl requires floors to be smooth and flat. If a floor is not naturally suitable for this type of flooring, we can screed or ply the floor before installation. 

Underlays extend the life expectancy of your carpet, acting as a shock-absorber, reducing wear and tear. 

Not all underlay is equal, so we advise about the best type of underlay for different areas of your house. For example, higher quality, thicker underlay is recommended for high-traffic areas.  

We recommend Cosi 8 underlay, but also supply Cloud 9, and Cloud 9 Contract for extra heavy wear.

Over time, underlay can deteriorate and harbour dust, so it is recommended that when new carpets are laid, the underlay is also replaced. 

We supply underlay at competitive prices and are happy to offer advice about the best option for you.

Over the years, carpets can loosen and 'buckle'.

There are many causes of this, including poor initial fitting, moving heavy furniture and humidity.

If you notice your carpet ‘rippling’ or ‘buckling’, do not delay in getting your carpet re-stretched.

The longer it is left, the more difficult it is to ‘fix’, and in some cases, the carpet may be damaged permanently. Carpet repair can be very useful and save money as long as you have some carpet left then it is possible to patch or repair but bear in mind there can be a colour difference and is worth considering keeping your spare carpet in some light or location where it can be lightly used so as not to differ too much. if you think a carpet can be repaired then get in touch