5 Things to know before finding a carpet fitter

How to find a good carpet fitter

finding a good carpet fitter

is easy enough but beware of who you choose.

There are plenty of carpet fitters available but how good are they. Today it is easy to say I am a carpet fitter easy to buy tools and have very little training I have known so-called carpet fitters with just a few months of training and think they are fully qualified to tackle any job.

When making enquiries ask these questions

How long have you been fitting carpets

Who have you done work for

Have you any recommendations from shops or customers

Ask leading questions about what you need them to do and see if they are knowledgeable to answer

And go with your instincts when talking on the phone about how you feel, this can be the difference between saying yes and no to whether you would feel comfortable with them in your home to carry out your work.

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